Sudan and Egypt’s Deep South!


Join us on what is possibly the most fascinating and unique diving safari in the Red Sea!

This is a remarkable route. If you've not been to Sudan, you need to rectify that quickly!

Travel is difficult in these pandemic times with unreliable flights and the never-ending saga of cancelled or postponed connections. So how do you plan a diving trip to this wonderful Red Sea location while minimising the challenges of visa's, airports, covid etc.? We need a diving safari with flights that are fast, safe, cheap and predictable. The answer presents itself — to and from Egypt!

Come with us on this unique diving safari. We start in Marsa Ghalib and go as far as Port Sudan, ending the trip back in Egypt! 14 days of pure relaxation, sun, diving and ...more diving!

Our route will take us through the beautiful diving sites of the Egyptian Fury Shoal, the famous wreck of Umbria, the extraordinary reefs of Sanganeb, Cousteau's well-known underwater habitat at Shaab Rumi with vast hammerhead schools, then up to the mystical Angarosh and popular St. Johns. Underwater photographers and aficionados, along with Red Sea newcomers, are in for a treat. Warning: after this trip, all others will pale in comparison!

Loads of attractions, a luxury yacht, and the best diving sites - what are you waiting for?

PROGRAM (outline - we set the activities each day, considering the weather, the safety of our clients and the cruise, client experience, and their own suggestions and wishes.)

Day 1 - depart Poland to Marsa Alam/Hurghada in Egypt. After touching down, transfer to the yacht in Port Ghalib. Accommodate ourselves on the boat and set sail for the southern seas!

Day 2 - first dives at Fury Shoal.

Day 3 - a morning dive at Shalalat before a lengthy journey to Port Sudan. Time for books, catching some rays, and gazing at the blue horizon!

Day 4 - morning check-in at Port Sudan with visa formalities and port fees. Then a quick sail to the Umbria wreck where we'll complete two dives during the day and one night dive. This is also where we stay overnight.

Built in 1911 in Hamburg, the Umbria was a passenger and cargo ferry. The colossal steamer generated 4300hp and could travel at 14 knots. Its hold and decks catered for over 2000 passengers and 9000 tonnes of cargo. Initially operating between Europe and Argentina, the Italian government purchased the ship in 1935 and renamed her Umbria. She was prepared for military transports to colonies in East Africa. After a few years and another change of ownership, the ship began to serve various ports in the Mediterranean and Red Sea. In June 1940, the Umbria, loaded with bombs, detonators, cars and cement, was intentionally sunk to prevent its cargo from falling into the hands of the nearby British. Now lying at 30m-38m, she serves as a time machine for divers!

Day 5 - today we dive the Sanganeb reef (north and south plateaus) and visit the British built lighthouse. It is continually inhabited by a couple of Sudanese, who swap every 4-5 weeks - they love hosting divers! The lighthouse is quite magical; whoever counts the stairs as they climb seems to get a different number to the person next to them —Sudanese voodoo?! :) The reef itself is teeming with life — large schools of barracuda, tuna, and snapper. Very often, we come across various shark species — from reef to all kinds of pelagic. However, this dive's most visually stunning sections are the incredible soft coral formations growing from the depths (800m). Something to behold!

Day 6 - another dive at Sanganeb in the morning before heading to Shaab Rumi, the location of the famous Jacques Costeau underwater habitat! On a 9m deep plateau that descends to great depths, an experiment took place in 1963. A group of divers, led by the famous deep-sea explorer Costeau, built an underwater habitat and endeavoured to live in it. The results of this audacious experiment indicated that a fully saturated diver can spend an almost unlimited amount of time underwater. This laid the foundations for various disciplines in technical and commercial diving. The remnants of this underwater dwelling can still be seen in the shallows — a great reminder of the race to explore the depths. It's incredible to think we seem to know more about the cosmos than our own oceans — come back, Jacques!

Day 7 - the whole day is spent diving at Shaab Rumi. It's easy to lose track of time over the beautiful southern plateau — home to a myriad of jacks, snappers, sharks, bumphead parrotfish, and other fish species found in the warm Sudanese waters. Shaab Rumi is definitely not to be missed!

Day 8 - today it's Shaab Rumi and then on to Shaab Suedi, where we spend the night.

Day 9 - we sail to Qita Elbanna for a couple of dives in the morning, then end the day with a third dive at South Merlo. We move on to Shembaya for the night. The fascinating underwater features of these sites are home to large pelagic species — manta rays, whale sharks, and large groups of hammerheads!

Day 10 - diving today is a real beauty! First, two dives at the Angarosh reef — you'll have the impression this is home to all the Red Sea hammerheads! We then move on to Abington. Get your cameras out; the turtles are very photogenic! Again, we spend the night in Shembaya.

Day 11 - a real marathon today — we start diving at Merlo, then Abington, Habili Ras Shagra, and finish with a night dive at Qumera!

Day 12 - we dive Habili Ghadaban and Pfeiffer reef before starting our cruise back to St. John's in Egypt.

Day 13 - one or two dives at St. John's, then White Rock, before moving north towards Marsa Alam.

Day 14 - we arrive back in Port Ghalib, leave our boat and head to a hotel for the last night. Time to dry out the equipment before our journey back home.

Day 15 - departure to Poland. End of the trip.

Our luxury yacht MY Royal Evolution

Our sumptuous yacht was built in 2006 and has four decks comfortably accommodating 24 divers. Onboard there are 11 crew members attending in great detail to our needs. You'll find spacious decks for relaxing and afternoon naps; the upper deck even has a Jacuzzi. You can easily spend two weeks on the boat; there's plenty of space to unwind on your own. Can you see yourself here?

All cabins are remarkably comfortable, offering plenty of space to relax. Deluxe cabins have windows and are situated on the upper deck. All cabins are air-conditioned and equipped with a convenient European style bathroom.

The spacious and well-designed dive decks allow stress-free preparation before dives — there's plenty of room for everything.

PRICE per person:

EUR 46850 + flights

Deluxe cabin — EUR 250 extra

Included in the Price:

  • coach transfers between airport and boat.
  • boat accommodation in a twin cabin.
  • full board: 3 buffet meals a day and snacks between meals.
  • drinks: coffee, tea, and mineral water.
  • 12-litre dive cylinders and lead weights (without belts).
  • services of two diving guides and a PADI instructor (courses available!).
  • one night of hotel accommodation in Egypt (twin room).
  • dives as per the program — could be up to 39!
  • insurance: medical expenses (PLN 120,000), personal accident (PLN 16,000), baggage (PLN 1,600).

Not Included in the Price:

  • flights. Price depends on the timing of your reservation and departing location. We can help purchase these through our office.
  • diving equipment.
  • entry visa fee to Egypt USD 25/person, visa and other Sudanese fees USD 720/person.
  • tip for boat crew – suggested EUR 120 per person.
  • dive taxes, permit, port fees, and fuel surcharge EUR 155 per person.
  • meals off the boat.
  • wpersonal expenses.
  • extended diving insurance.
Deadline: 24.02.2022 - 10.03.2022 Price: EUR 4685 + flights