Company trips


Incentive is a way for your business. Do you want to reward employees? Show them that you appreciate their achievements. Statistics show that travel is a more effective motivation of employees than financial rewards.

Do you want to express your gratitude in a unique way to the employees who achieved the best results? Are you planning a company reorganization or merger? At PAZOLA Travel and Adventure, we know perfectly well how a properly organized trip can affect the atmosphere in the company and increase the efficiency of employees.

Financial rewards are often used to pay bills, and many of us do not even remember the wages we have received. The value of the trip is additionally increased by the fact that most people would not spend money on the trip, thus depriving themselves of the chance for a breathtaking adventure. Traveling is an extraordinary experience, each time broadening the horizons, filling the mind with unforgettable impressions. Compared to travel (as a way of motivating employees), financial rewards have only a partial effect.

Group incentive travel is the ultimate recognition. They contribute to building a sense of loyalty and strengthening cooperation, which show a long-term motivational effect. This enables the leader to work in a unique, positive environment. Creating such a work environment is one of the greatest values of such an incentive program.


Because for an extraordinary impact, you need an extraordinary trip. We don’t only travel to the usual suspects; we go further and offer experiences to places that are exotic, fascinating, and luxurious. From Honduras, the Maldives, and Seychelles to the Grand Canyon or even Antarctica — the memories are inspirational and life-long. Whether it be for reward, training, team building or anything else, PAZOLA Travel & Adventure will indulge your team in these exclusive adventures!


Travel experiences — a unique tool for a unique edge:

  • strengthening employee loyalty and retaining your best talent.

  • building relationships with clients and business partners.

  • creating and improving a collaborative culture.

  • instilling confidence and trust among employers and employees.

  • developing positive attitudes and positive atmosphere.

  • long-lasting boosts to motivation.

These can have a profound impact on the people who ultimately determine the success of your organisation — your employees, your team. Attaining your business’s tangible and intangible goals, from financial targets to increasing market share and customer satisfaction, can be directly attributed to these effects.