About us

We love to travel, explore new lands and blaze trails. We love adventure and challenges. We are looking for contact with new people and the ubiquitous nature. We learn to live differently, we peek at other cultures, we take handfuls from the world around us. We open up to new experiences, of which there are still so many in our reality. We try to listen carefully to nature and admire its unbridled beauty. We strive to be part of the universe around us, with our eyes open to all its wonders.

We like to share new tastes and experiences that our constant journey gives us. We are still looking for new stimuli. We are happy to point out the most interesting direction or tell the weirdest travel story. We will overwhelm you with anecdotes from many of our trips and we will be silent when the beautiful red sun sets behind the horizon.

Luxurious trips with PAZOLA Travel & Adventure are not only professionally prepared travel plans and staff with extensive experience and deep knowledge. A trip with us means the sun on your face, the wind in your hair, a constant smile and the belief that you are on the best vacation in your life.

Our team

Maja Kłosińska

Człowiek od zadań specjalnych. Lubi się śmiać, próbować lokalnych potraw, czasem zatrzymać się i nacieszyć chwilą. Nurek pełną gębą, instruktorka z kilkunastoletnim stażem. Przez wiele lat właścicielka dużego centrum nurkowego, profesjonalna organizatorka nurkowych wypraw. Związana z firmą PAZOLA od wielu lat. Z łatwością znajdzie się w kazdej sytuacji. Dusza towarzystwa. Będzie konkretnie, na luzie i wesoło. Podróż to część jej życia. Wiecznie na walizkach, trochę w biegu. Historyk sztuki, zainteresowana nie tylko tym, co znajduje się pod wodą. Z chęcią odkryje z Wami wiele niesamowitych miejsc i ciekawie o nich opowie. Z Mają każdy lubi dyskutować na różne tematy, a sama zaś twierdzi, że ludzie są dla niej największą inspiracją w życiu.

Maja Kłosińska

Our special agent. Fun and outgoing, the life and soul of the party, forever on the go. Occasionally slows down to take a moment, perhaps to enjoy her love for local cuisine, or engage those around her in stimulating discussion on all manner of topics. Easy going and down to earth Maja is a diver through and through, with many years of experience as both an instructor and owner of a large diving centre. Organises professional diving expeditions and has been connected with PAZOLA for several years. An art historian with a broad range of knowledge and interests; she will eagerly join you on your journey of discovery and fascinate you with details about the amazing places we visit. Often living out of a suitcase and following her passion for travel, Maja is a real `people person’ and says she’s inspired by those she meets along the way.

Iga Borsuk

A master graduate in sports nutrition and supplementation from Wrocław’s University of Physical Education (oh, and a bodybuilding instructor!) As the daughter of an instructor, Iga has diving in her blood. She currently holds the CMAS four-star level qualification, and is our only tattooed dive guide! Has loads of experience in both recreational underwater exploration and as a guide for diving groups in both Poland and internationally. A travelling soul who likes to be on the move, continuously developing and seeking new challenges. In her spare time, Iga likes to hit the road on a motorbike. She’s even dipping her toes into the world of track racing!

Dominika Manalawicz

Traveller, PADI Divemaster, Hatha Yoga and meditation instructor (RYS 200 yoga alliance), EMCC master coach, an enthusiastic cook and food lover, and generally... a happy woman! Dominika is the creator of the Manalay brand under which she designs and runs her own trips — mainly developmental, yoga, or for women. I've been travelling forever, to over seventy countries and counting. For me, the world of fiction doesn't come close to the fascinations of the real world; take me to the ends of the earth, and I'll feel right at home. My many adventures include diving with sharks in Papua, meditating in Buddhist monasteries, visiting an astrologer in Bhutan, and admiring the temples of Angkor Wat in an ultralight from the skies above. Not to mention salsa dancing in Cuba, Shamanic rituals, traversing wild jungles, and admiring the mighty Himalayas from Mount Everest Base Camp. Each trip invariably delights and inspires yet leaves me unsatisfied — still curious about the world. In conversing with people from various tribes and corners of our planet, I discover a part of myself in each one of them. Frequently I have experienced magical and seemingly impossible things. Exploring the world has taught me that while time cannot be stopped in its tracks, properly experiencing it will enrich our HERE and NOW.

Bartosz Stróżynski

An underwater photographer and filmmaker, Antarctic expedition leader, composer, songwriter, performer and multimedia producer. Bartosz has a love for the Arctic and Antarctic with his film and photography focusing on winter, water mammals, marine reptiles and underwater river environments. Author of the book “AntArtktya” published by National Geographic in 2014. Founded and leads the “Three Arts in Antarctica” project. An expedition of Polish artists to Antarctic - the first of its kind. Authored the book “Three Arts in Antarctica” published by Bezdroża in 2018 as well as producing and directing a documentary of the same name. An award-winning artist including prestigious competitions such as the International Photography Awards, Por el Planeta, Siena International Photo Awards, GDT European Wildlife Photographer of the Year, National Geographic Great Photographic Competition and the Magellan Awards. A member of many photographic expeditions, including Elysium - Shackleton’s Antarctic Visual Epic. Regularly writes articles on diving and underwater photography for numerous publications such as National Geographic, Scuba Diver Through the Lens, Scuba Diving Magazine, X-Ray Mag, Sport Diver and Nature Salamandra.

Jakub Degee

An underwater photographer and graduate of the Warsaw Academy of Photography. Fascinated by marine life, both small and large, is particularly fond of taking shark portraits! Jakub’s diving journey began in 1992 when he gained instructor qualifications in the Maldives. Loves animals and is an editing photographer for the magazine Perfect Diver. A winner of the following competitions: Underwater Photographer of the Year, GDT European Photographer of the Year, Hasselblad X You, Ocean Geographic Pictures of the Year, Our World Underwater Competition.

Sayed Kassm

Sayed is one of the longest-serving members of the PAZOLA family. Despite the length of time with us, he still has the same youthful exuberance as the first Egyptian dive safari he led in 2007! Now heading up the team in Egypt, you’ll meet him on all our safaris to that area. A man you can count on in any situation, always calm, always professional. Very conscious of diver welfare underwater and very experienced - over 15,000 Red Sea dives. He’s visited every reef over 100 times! Sayed is a happy father of three children :)

Hamada Hessian

Hamada has almost worked with us for as long as Sayed, and you’ll find him on nearly all our Egyptian safaris. A gentle character and a mature diver often sought out by beginners. Well renowned for his care and concern underwater. A laid-back guy, nothing’s a problem, always willing to help. Hamada is a man you want around both above and below water!

SONAM JAMTHSO – nasz człowiek w Bhutanie.

I was born into a family of yak farmers and my childhood memories are filled with magnificent mountains, furry animals, and wonderful nature, but also hard work, and the cold. I always knew I wanted to combine my life with tourism, so at the age of 16, I began work caring for horses as a trekking assistant. After graduating from school, I became a licensed English-speaking guide in the Kingdom of Bhutan. I take great pleasure in showing visitors the beauty of my country and bringing its culture and history closer. I have great respect for my homeland which has made me who I am. I’m proud of being Bhutanese and you too will fall in love with our wonderful Kingdom. Come visit! From PAZOLA.com: Sonam is our Bhutanese star. He has exceptional knowledge of his country, is caring, level-headed and calm. Always faces challenges with a smile on his face. Our clients invariably come back from Bhutan delighted with his service!

Michał Sieczkowski

A lawyer by education but the lure of food and travel was too great, his passions won out and instead of finding himself behind a desk he finds himself trotting the globe in search of his next adventure fix. A diving instructor for more than a dozen years, he has an open mind that's hungry to learn about new places and chase new experiences. Comfortable finding his way around a kitchen, he is forever searching for new flavours and culinary inspiration from the farthest corners of the earth. With pleasure will roll up his sleeves and cook up a feast for everyone! Favourite dish - fried stonefish, feels best - in the Raja Ampat Islands, hobby - a passionate motorcyclist who loves the wind in his hair. Michał's philosophy in life can be summed up: I can't do it? Hold my drink, I'll show you!

Bartosz Pszczółkowski

A geologist by profession and traveller by passion. Bartosz is an experienced diver, gaining his instructor experience in numerous centres including the Canary Islands, Norway and Sardinia. You’ll find him getting by in either Polish, English, Italian, Spanish or Portuguese! During his free time, Bartosz likes to plunge into Polish lakes and admire their beautiful green surroundings. He enjoys exploring caves on foot and finding places within them to dive. It’s unusual to see him without a camera - ready to capture those interesting and unique moments. A glass half full man, with a beaming smile!

Dom Lee Zaax

Dom has started his scuba diving adventure in the cold waters of the Baltic Sea at an early age of nine. Nowadays, he is a global nomad who enjoys soaking up the sun, exploring new destinations and diving whenever it is possible. On the never-ending quest for the unknown, the different, and the untouched. Travel professional with over two decades of experience within the airlines and tour operating industry. His passion for travel and underwater explorations, as well as a constant drive to promote his beloved sport, landed him as a partner at a Copenhagen based publisher of scuba diving magazines. Dom feels at home almost everywhere as he has spent a vast amount of time travelling the world. So far, he has visited over seventy countries and territories, and became an expert on diving in South East Asia and the Far East where he has made his previous, longer than usual “stopovers”. Just recently he has decided to settle down in Aqaba, the sunniest corner of the Red Sea. His guilty pleasures involve a good book, world cinema and strolling side streets and dark alleys of big cities with his camera. Bump into him somewhere out there... under the sun, out in the sea, on a boat, or most likely - just underneath it!

Piotr F. Pazola

A passionate foodie, willing to devour almost anything! Has merged his love for globe-trotting with running a successful and unique travel company since 2000. A highly experienced diving instructor with over 8,000 dives, and well over 300 expeditions and diving safaris all over the world to his name. A true explorer who has discovered new diving sites including the Polish Window in the Bligh Waters of Fiji, the Polish Reef in Western Papua, the Polish Bommies in New Guinea, and the Polish Fingers in the Saudi Arabian Red Sea. A Galapagos expert after conducting a staggering 19 trips to the famous and beautiful islands in the Pacific. Piotr combines his love of diving with his love of photography, both on and under the water. He is the creator of the first 3D, animated, multimedia underwater guide to the Red Sea. This man of the world, despite his roaming nature, has lived 6 years in the United Kingdom and 12 years in Egypt. Oh, and he speaks 5 languages too. Feels at home anywhere, from Alice Springs, Hobart or Mammoth Lakes, to Luang Prabang, Cusco or Pohnpei. And during his free time… well, he travels and plans new expeditions to offer the world, of course!