The Philippines — iconic diving sites and fabulous beaches!

Welcome to the Philippines!

Explore the treasures of this beautiful place. Around every corner, discover something incredible. Find yourself zooming around vibrant cities in a colourful jeepney, gaze up in wonder at majestic volcanoes, spot a water buffalo, or encounter the astonishing wildlife of the local forests. Add the happy smiley people, known for their friendliness and easygoing approach to life, and you have the recipe for a brilliant holiday. Don't read about it in a magazine, come and feel the energy of this unique place and write your own travel adventure story!

The choice is yours. Chillout on the beautiful local beaches, or get active! The Philippines are a known mecca with some of the best surf in the world. People come from all over to kayak and kitesurf. Enjoy trekking in the picturesque mountains, biking, canyoning and of course scuba diving.

With over 7,000 tropical islands, every beach bum can find their piece of paradise in the Philippines! There's something to suit all tastes: secluded and forgotten islands in the middle of the ocean, stunning and intimate lagoons found in the flooded craters of ancient volcanoes, or the spectacular beaches of Visayas.

The Philippines sits like a gatekeeper to the vast Pacific Ocean at the edge of Asia. Perhaps surprising to some, and unusual for the region, the principal religion is Catholicism; a legacy of 350 years of Spanish rule in the area. Almost immediately after the Spaniards, the Americans arrived and put their own culture stamp on the country mainly fast food and shopping malls! Thankfully, the locals still have their own unique identity and will proudly state they are simply Filipino!

Why Visit?

  • see a culturally and geographically, unique and special part of the world.
  • de-stress while relaxing on the white sands of stunning beaches.
  • feel the rejuvenating effects of sunshine and delicious local cuisine.
  • visit three spectacular islands in the Visayas.
  • experience diving in warm, pristine waters.
  • get up-close with a whale shark, or a thresher!
  • rise to the challenge of finding the small and well camouflaged Pygmy seahorse.
  • catch the chilled-out local vibe relaxing on the beach with a drink and soak up the colours of the tropics.


Day 1We set off on our journey to the Philippines through the Middle East.

Day 2An afternoon touchdown in the Philippine city of Cebu. Transfer to our hotel in Dumaguete on the island of Negros (about 4 1/2 hours). A well-deserved rest after the trip.

Day 3 Straight into our first dive! This area is well-known for its abundance of small sea creatures, but fear not, those looking to get their wide-angle lens out also have plenty of opportunities. And who knows? A short boat trip and we could be diving with the whale sharks!

Day 4 — Another two dives in Dumaguete.

Day 5 A second and last chance to dive in Dumaguete.

Day 5 Today we have a journey of over 6 hours, but the prize at the end is well worth it. We'll reach the world diving mecca that is the island of Malapascua! A meeting with thresher sharks and the area's famous deep walls awaits!

Day 6 Our first chance to dive in the waters of Malapascua.

Day 7 Diving in Malapascua.

Day 8 More diving in Malapascua. There’s plenty to see!

Day 9 Unfortunately, our last dive, then time to sort out our equipment. A moment to relax and reflect on the superb diving of the previous few days.

Day 10 Today the choice is up to you. Either spend time relaxing or take an optional tour of the island.

Day 11 First breakfast, then we set off on our journey to the airport in Cebu. An afternoon flight takes us back home through the Middle East.

Day 12 Around noon we touchdown in Warsaw.

End of trip.

PRICE per person:

USD 1850 + flights

Additional USD 120 for a DeLuxe room Dauin

Included in the Price:

  • all transfers between airports and hotels.
  • accommodation in double rooms, breakfast included.
  • a package of 12 boat dives.
  • insurance: medical expenses (PLN 120,000), personal accident (PLN 16,000), baggage (PLN 1,600).
  • services of an experienced English speaking guide/organiser/PADI diving instructor 24×7.
  • a personalised t-shirt and other required travel gadgets.

Not Included in the Price:

  • return flights from your departing location to the Philippines. Price depends on the timing of your reservation and departing location. For logistical reasons, these should be purchased through our office.
  • meals other than breakfast (food is cheap and the selection extensive!).
  • visa fees, passport fees, airport fees, excess baggage fees, etc.
  • charges for any equipment rental or additional trips (e.g. diving at sites further out).
  • environmental fees for entry to National Parks or specially designated dive sites. Ranges from USD 3 per day to USD 30 per day for sites under special protection (e.g. diving with whale sharks).
  • compulsory diving insurance.
  • cancellation insurance.
Deadline: 10.03.2022 - 22.03.2022 Price: USD 1850 + flights