Celebrate the New Year in the SEYCHELLES!


There's a reason the beaches of this 155 island archipelago are annually voted first in all manner of tourist surveys and publications. And why top international brands such as Bacardi and Bounty shoot their commercials here — the Seychelles are simply paradise on Earth. Come on an unforgettable trip. Recharge and rejuvenate in the forever beautiful surroundings of these islands lost off the coast of East Africa.


25th December 2021 - Early afternoon departure from Warsaw via Dubai/Doha to Mahe in the Seychelles.

26th December 2021 - Morning touchdown in Mahe, capital of the Seychelles. Transfer to our beautiful beach villa.

26th December 2021 - 05th January 2022 - Relax, play, and chill-out on the most beautiful beaches in the world.

05th January 2022 - Late evening airport transfer for our departing flight through Dubai/Doha to Warsaw.

06th January 2022 - Touchdown in Warsaw late morning.

End of trip.


Diving — the stunning beach of Beau Vallon is just a short drive away on the other side of the island. Here we board our dive boat — launching straight from the beach. Diving in the Seychelles is worry-free and easy. There are no notably strong currents, providing excellent conditions for both beginners (Open Water Diver course is available) and the more advanced diver. Underwater we find pristine coral reefs, large numbers of multi-coloured fish, and where the currents are slightly stronger, various stingrays and reef sharks. The Seychelles are famous worldwide for the range of pelagic species roaming their waters. From whale sharks and tuna to the high-speed sailfish, often seen slicing through the turquoise waters. The shallower beach waters are ideal for children to snorkel or even try scuba diving (from eight upwards). An absence of currents and clean, clear water is perfect for kids to observe the large numbers of fish. They'll be enthralled for hours!

All dives take place from a boat, and we use a certified diving club run by Europeans recognised as the best on Mahe. To not venture into the underwater world of the Seychelles would be missing out on an experience of sheer beauty. With our access to a private swimming pool, even the kids and those most anxious about trying diving can give it a go — all under the safety and care of a professional. The children might just catch the diving bug and develop a passion for this fantastic sport!

Island Boat Trips — lying to the north-east are the wonderful islands of Praslin and La Digue. The interior of Praslin hides a strange plant amongst its beauty — a palm tree producing the hefty Coco de Mer nuts, sometimes weighing in at 20kg! The island is the only place in the world where these grow, the plants are highly protected, and their export is tightly regulated. The nut itself can cost over 200 euros! (you'll also see one stamped on your entry visa!) Praslin is also home to giant land tortoises that easily rival those found on the famous Galapagos Islands. Of course, the Seychelles theme of exquisite beaches and views continues on Praslin.

Some would say the island of La Digue is the most beautiful in the world, and who are we to argue? The beaches are divine with their warm crystal-clear waters and pure white sand — the choice of travellers from all over the world for years.

The beauty is enhanced by luscious greenery and the huge boulders found throughout the Seychelles. You can also visit a fascinating vanilla plantation and enjoy dinner in a restaurant right on the beach! Make sure to take some photos on La Digue, just so you and the kids can look back and be sure you didn't dream of being in heaven!

A daily trip to the local market will stimulate your senses with all the colours and smells of fresh fish, fruit, and vegetables. The children will delight in trying out some new and interesting seafood experiences straight from the market to our table! Little food connoisseurs in the making!

Deep-sea fishing — the Seychelles are a mecca. Visitors come from all over the world to angle in the islands' open seas. You don't have to sail far for a chance to catch tuna, wahoo, sailfish, and even marlin. As well as sport, you'll have an opportunity to put something tasty on the dinner table!

Tour around the island — Mahe itself has plenty to keep you busy. Apart from the fantastic beaches for chilling out and relaxing, there are plenty of bars and restaurants to drop into, a newly built promenade, or adventure to the less touristy parts and discover some of the more unknown beaches and eateries. There's even a vantage point from which to view the island where we will be staying — Eden Island!


Eden Island, the island of millionaires, yachts and luxury residences — this is the location of our beautiful exclusive villa. The island is a private and secure complex of upmarket villas and apartment buildings, all located right by the water — either on a beach or on one of the artificial lagoons carved out of the island. We'll find some fantastic facilities available only to estate residents, including tennis courts, gyms, a brand new marina with lots of bars and restaurants, live music, and a supermarket. To maintain a tranquil setting for the residents of this luxurious enclave, we make our way around in electric buggies. For the week of our stay, we'll enjoy the fantastic amenities of our private luxury villa: beautiful ensuite bedrooms, each with a balcony and calming views of the Indian Ocean, a huge living room with entertainment system, superb and spacious kitchen, utility rooms, laundry, etc. All this, and only a few steps from our private pool to the beach! Let the luxury holiday begin!

PRICE per person:

EUR 3550 + flights (approx. USD 850 per person, discount for children)

Included in the Price:

  • luxury beach villa accommodation with private pool, double rooms, and beautiful bathrooms.
  • all breakfasts served in our villa.
  • all dinners prepared by our private chef Joseph — considered one of the best in the Seychelles (there hasn’t been a group that didn’t want to take him home!).
  • airport transfers to and from the villa.
  • car trips around Mahe Island.
  • trips to markets, local beaches, and a barbecue party with a local chef!
  • transfers to the diving club for divers.
  • insurance: medical expenses (PLN 120,000), personal accident (PLN 16,000), baggage (PLN 1,600).

No Included in the Price:

  • return flights to Mahe. Price depends on the timing of your reservation and departing location. For logistical reasons, these should be purchased through our office.
  • meals other than breakfasts and dinners served at the villa.
  • boat trips to the islands beyond Mahe (all-day private motorboat trip to Praslin and La Digue/Kies costs EUR 220/person, fishing costs around EUR 175/person).
  • diving (the more dives, the cheaper it gets, one dive is about EUR 40/person, a package of 10 dives is EUR 357/person).
  • insurance for high-risk sports, please contact us if you wish to purchase.
  • tips
Deadline: 25.12.2022 - 06.01.2023 Price: EUR 3550 + flights