Amman, The Dead Sea, Petra, Wadi Rum, and beautiful Aqaba!


the deluxe version

Come with us on a unique journey. Jordan, a safe haven in a region often torn by conflict, has for centuries amazed visitors with its ancient monuments, dramatic landscapes, and friendly locals...

The Kingdom of Jordan has forever been a place of changing scenes. From camel caravans travelling the legendary Kings Highway to Nabatean merchants, Roman legionaries, Muslim armies, and Christian crusaders, they’ve all left something behind to shape this unique land. Glorious amphitheatres, imposing fortresses, and colourful mosaics have long fascinated travellers in search of the beginnings of civilisation. But there’s one thing that doesn’t change… the renowned hospitality that remains in the hearts of all the people living in this beautiful country.

Most people associate the Dead Sea with Israel but this unique body of water is just as accessible from Jordan. The uniquely high salinity of the water makes it impossible to immerse oneself deeper than 30cm! The healing properties of these waters are well known and we’ll enjoy a salty stop-off as we stay in an ultra-luxury hotel on the shores of this extraordinary lake.

A visit to the Mujib Nature Reserve is also on the list. At 410 metres below sea-level, this is the lowest reserve in the world and trekking amongst its steep cliffs and twisting rivers is an unforgettable experience. There are many unique examples of flora and fauna to be spotted from vultures to Ibex goats.

The ancient Nabatean city of Petra may be well-known, but lost in a sea of sandstone hills and canyons it will always make a huge impression on those lucky enough to visit. A vertical red ravine creates a striking passage as you walk from the Siq entrance, the drama builds as the route of many a camel and rickshaw narrows over the last few metres, before bursting out with the Treasury in all its magnificence towering above.

This amazing place, where a wandering sun casts deep shadows on its majestic buildings, was discovered in the nineteenth century by Jean Louis Burckhardt. To Europe, he took the news of a totally deserted city hidden in a red sandstone desert and a little known ancient civilisation. The magic of Petra has been enchanting people ever since.

Jordan may be a country covered in sand but the Wadi Rum desert is like no other and probably the closest you’ll ever come to visiting Mars! (in fact, it was used to shoot scenes in the film ‘The Martian’). The beautiful red rock formations are a sight to see and it’s not hard to imagine why T.E. Lawrence was so attracted to the desert. Lose yourself in time and space – they take on a whole new meaning here.

Aqaba is perfectly located for connection to all other countries in the region: the Saudi border is just a few kilometres south, Eilat in Israel is even closer – just jump in a taxi! Or take a fast catamaran across the gulf and you’re in Egypt! Aqaba is a resort town well set-up for diving the Red Sea’s clear and warm waters. The Jordanian King is an avid diver and this is to our advantage, we find a few well-prepared shipwrecks off the coast including Cedar Price, The Tank, and a recently sunk Hercules C130! (we were there for the sinking ceremony in November 2017). It’s not all diving though, for those that prefer to spend their time in other ways the beautiful beaches and gorgeous weather will not let you down!

Jordan has seen the passing of many civilisations and cultures throughout its history. Despite difficulties, the country remains safe and its arms remain open, Jordan continues to meet its duty by taking in thousands of refugees from the Palestinian territories, Iraq, and Syria. Add to this the invasion of tourists attracted to the Kingdom’s unique culture, history, and beauty; it’s not hard to see hospitality is an important part of Jordanian character and tradition.

Why Visit?

  • guaranteed happy memories from a luxurious journey into the heart of a unique country.
  • experience the ancient city of Amman founded in 7250 BC! Compare its past life with its present life as the Arab world’s most liberal capital.
  • float effortlessly on the extraordinary Dead Sea and stay in the area’s finest hotel (Kempinski)- both unforgettable experiences.
  • trek through the stunning Mujib Nature Reserve, shattering the view that Arab countries are just desert!
  • Petra, the ancient Nabatean capital – need we say more?
  • luxury camping in the Wadi Rum desert (tents with bathrooms!). Connect with nature and lose yourself in the quiet and peaceful solitude of this amazing place. Dine on exquisite cuisine specially prepared in an earth oven and accompanied by the finest Jordanian wine.
  • rest and relaxation by the Red Sea in another sumptuous hotel located on a great beach – the Mövenpick, Tala Bay. Dive well-prepared sites and visit the Aqaba souks!
  • get to know the very friendly and hospitable people of this beautiful and very safe Arab country.
  • a holiday for the well-seasoned traveller – hotels, services, and even buses of the highest quality!


Day 1 — Depart Warsaw early morning for Amman in Jordan. After a 6 hour journey, we touchdown midday; welcome to a totally different world! A transfer from the airport takes us to our luxury 5-star hotel in the city centre for some rest, a welcome dinner, and our first walk around the area!

Day 2 — In the morning we tour Jordan’s amazing capital and visit numerous sites. Included, among others, are the Citadel (inhabited since the Bronze Age), the impressive Roman Theatre, and the magnificent King Abdullah Mosque accommodating over 7000 worshippers! In the afternoon we travel to the famous Dead Sea and check-in to the luxurious Hotel Kempinski.

Day 3 — A day for enjoying the health benefits of the Dead Sea and relaxing using the fantastic facilities of our hotel.

Day 4 — Today we head to the nearby Mujib Nature Reserve, the lowest on earth at 410 metres below sea-level. What seemingly appears a barren area is richly bio-diverse. Over 400 plant species are on show and surprisingly includes rare orchids! As an important migratory staging post between Africa and Europe bird life is also extensive – around 186 species. Add to this 250 species of land mammals including Syrian wolves, striped hyenas, caracals, and Blandford’s foxes, and you can see why this place is special. Interestingly, the reserve was originally established by the Royal Society for Conservation of Nature in order to breed the endangered Nubian ibex.

Day 5 — At around noon we leave Kempinski and travel to the ancient hidden capital of the Nabatean people – Petra! On arrival, we settle into our comfortable Mövenpick hotel and get some rest before the next day’s morning tour of Petra.

Day 6 — Make sure your cameras are ready to go! We spend the morning in awe walking around the unbelievable sights of Petra. An afternoon transfer takes us to the Wadi Rum desert where we are welcomed in traditional Bedouin style before heading into the desert on a 2 hour Jeep trip. We pass beautiful rock formations travelling routes once used by the famous Lawrence of Arabia. On our return a fantastic dinner straight from an earth oven under a clear starry sky. Then it’s time to just enjoy the peace and still quietness of the desert as we spend the night in our luxurious camp, Bedouin style, but with all the creature comforts a travel connoisseur would expect!

Day 7 — At sunrise, we tour on a more traditional form of transport – a camel! Afterwards, a scrumptious breakfast with views to die for atop a towering cliff above our camp. Then a moment to relax before heading on to Jordan's seaside port city of Aqaba. Our hotel is the amazing Mövenpick Tala Bay.

Day 7 - Day 10 — For those that like to head underwater, now is the time for diving! There are more than 20 sites in this part of the Red Sea including Cedar Pride, scuttled for the enjoyment of divers (similar to Giannis D in Egypt), the new wreck of a Hercules C130 aeroplane, and the shallow lying American ‘Tank’ (incorrectly reported in some quarters as Russian!). Conditions are perfect for both photos and safety, there are no currents. If you want to keep your head above water then there’s also plenty to do and see in the area if relaxing by the pool or on the beach gets too much! Perhaps a visit to Aqaba’s many shops and stalls to find something special?

Day 11 — Breakfast and some final relaxation on the beach before we travel in the evening to Amman. We check-in to our hotel near the airport.

Day 12 — Breakfast, then transfer to the airport for our departing flight. A late night touchdown in Warsaw.

End of trip.

PRICE per person:

EUR 3285 + flights.

Included in the Price:

  • hand-picked 5-star hotels reflecting the exotic character of Amman, the Dead Sea, Petra, and Aqaba (2 person rooms).
  • luxury camping in the Wadi Rum desert (comfortable tents with bathrooms), only 5 tents available. A desert adventure of the highest quality to please true travel connoisseurs! (twin tents).
  • all hotel breakfasts and one Bedouin supper in the Wadi Rum desert (believe us, a unique experience!).
  • one desert tour by jeep, another by camel (nothing like those found in Egypt!).
  • all transfers in a very comfortable bus.
  • admission to all attractions on the itinerary (Amman, Petra, Ibex trail in Mujib, Wadi Rum) with an English speaking guide as well as an additional guide while visiting the Mujib Reserve.
  • services of a PAZOLA guide/organiser 24x7.
  • insurance: medical expenses (PLN 120,000), personal accident (PLN 16,000), baggage (PLN 1,600).

Not Included in the Price:

  • flights. Price depends on the timing of your reservation and departing location. For logistical reasons, these should be purchased through our office (from PLN 920/pp)
  • lunch and dinner (except one dinner in the Wadi Rum desert).
  • diving (each dive is around EUR 45/pp) and renting of dive equipment.
  • tips.
  • personal expenses.
  • visa fees, passport fees, airport fees, excess baggage fees, etc.
Deadline: 19.09.2022 - 30.10.2022 Price: EUR 3285 + flights