Sometimes everybody deserves a bit of luxury. It could be a special personal event such as an anniversary, honeymoon, or significant birthday. Maybe an unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime holiday, or an exclusive business trip. We will strive to meet every need and spoil you in every possible way.

At PAZOLA Travel & Adventure we’ve been organising luxury trips since our inception. We take great care in organising trips with an ideal balance between exclusivity and adventure.

With our VIP option we pay attention to every detail whether you’re looking for complete relaxation, outstanding working conditions, an exclusive conference or just want to be spoiled.

FIJI - A Paradise on Earth

The blues and greens of a tropical haven sparkle as time slows down in one of the happiest countries in the world. Mouthwatering dishes, marvellous people and a very comfortable climate (26 to 31 degrees Celsius). The perfect place for an all-inclusive VIP holiday!

GALAPAGOS - In the Footsteps of Darwin

Diving in the company of turtles, sharks, and seahorses. Lazing on a beach with the gannets. The VIP adventure of a lifetime!

BOTSWANA - The Cradle of Civilisation

Desert climates, traditional canoe cruises, the watery wildlife haven of the Okavango Delta, and close animal encounters. Images we only see in magazines – become reality.

PAZOLA sp. z o.o.

ul. Stawki 3A
00-193 Warszawa

+48 786 815 806, +48 797 581 292

PAZOLA is a limited liability company based in Warsaw at ul. Stawki 3A, 00-193 Warsaw. Entered in the National Court Register, maintained by the District Court of the capital city Warsaw, in Warsaw, XII Commercial Division, under entry no. 0000570832. Tax Identification Number (NIP): 525-262-65-81 REGON: 362240577. Share capital PLN 50000.

Safety and convenience: our satellite phone uses the Iridium network which is available at all times in all places when travelling out of GSM network range. Outgoing calls cost USD 3/min, regardless of location. Receiving calls is free. To contact an expedition member when they are out of GSM range, or because of time differences, we recommend sending a message at no cost from The Iridium network phone number to use is: +881622490130. Please provide the name and surname of the recipient so the group leader can pass the message on. A message can also be sent to group members through our staff in Poland. 

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