Trips for business


INCENTIVE uniquely contributes to your company’s success. It is professionally organised travel and adventure with significantly positive effects on employee motivation, productivity, teamwork, and workplace atmosphere.

Statistics illustrate travel incentives are greater employee motivators than those of a financial nature. Monetary rewards are often deposited into an employee’s bank account and forgotten as they are eaten away by bills and other everyday expenses. Any sense of gratitude and motivation is usually short-lived.

At PAZOLA Travel and Adventure we want to help because we know how valuable your employees are. We broaden their horizons with breathtaking adventures and leave unforgettable memories they take back to the workplace with renewed motivation, as a direct and tangible result of the experience.

Our group adventures help leaders build a strong sense of teamwork and loyalty, whether it be a company re-organisation, or simply showing employees appreciation for their achievements. The motivational effects go well beyond the trip itself and provide immeasurable value in a more positive and productive work environment.


Because for an extraordinary impact you need an extraordinary trip. We don’t only travel to the usual suspects, we go further and offer experiences to places that are exotic, fascinating, and luxurious. From Honduras, the Maldives, and Seychelles to the Grand Canyon or even Antarctica, the memories are inspirational and life-long. Whether it be for reward, training, team building or anything else, PAZOLA Travel & Adventure will indulge your team in these exclusive adventures!


Travel experiences – a unique tool for a unique edge:

  • strengthening employee loyalty and retaining your best talent.

  • building relationships with clients and business partners.

  • creating and improving a collaborative culture.

  • instilling confidence and trust among employers and employees.

  • developing positive attitudes and positive atmosphere.

  • long-lasting boosts to motivation.

These can have a profound impact on the people who ultimately determine the success of your organisation – your employees, your team. Attaining the tangible and intangible goals of your business, from financial targets to increasing market share and customer satisfaction can be directly attributed to these effects.

PAZOLA sp. z o.o.

ul. Stawki 3A
00-193 Warszawa

+48 786 815 806, +48 797 581 292

PAZOLA is a limited liability company based in Warsaw at ul. Stawki 3A, 00-193 Warsaw. Entered in the National Court Register, maintained by the District Court of the capital city Warsaw, in Warsaw, XII Commercial Division, under entry no. 0000570832. Tax Identification Number (NIP): 525-262-65-81 REGON: 362240577. Share capital PLN 50000.

Safety and convenience: our satellite phone uses the Iridium network which is available at all times in all places when travelling out of GSM network range. Outgoing calls cost USD 3/min, regardless of location. Receiving calls is free. To contact an expedition member when they are out of GSM range, or because of time differences, we recommend sending a message at no cost from The Iridium network phone number to use is: +881622490130. Please provide the name and surname of the recipient so the group leader can pass the message on. A message can also be sent to group members through our staff in Poland. 

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